Animal Reiki & Energy Healing

Animal Reiki & Energy Healing

Dori is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher and is a certified practitioner of many Energy Healing Techniques, including Quantum Touch, Chakra, Pranic and Shamanic Healing and Dori also incorporates crystals, color and light Therapy.

Reiki and Energy healing are used as a complementary therapy to traditional medical treatment and supports the natural healing abilities; promoting physical, mental and emotional health. The foundation of Reiki Energy Healing therapy is love, compassion and connection to universal life energy. Reiki Energy Healing is non-invasive, does no harm and is not painful, many animals just fall asleep. Energy healing surrounds your pet with a peaceful, gentle but effective energy allowing your pet to heal on all levels. Dori will remotely send Reiki and healing energies to any area of concern that you have whether it would be physical issues, behavioral, emotional stress, or crossing over. Dori is a compassionate and kind healer that is always sensitive to you and your pets needs helping those who cannot speak for themselves.

Animal Visionary- Reiki Healing Energy

Reiki & Energy Healing Sessions: 30 minute @ $75.00 Additional follow up sessions: 15 minutes @ $45.00. This includes e-mail communication before and after sessions. Pets may also benefit from an Animal communication session as well as Energy Healing.

Reiki & Energy Healing sessions are telepathic and sent remotely. Owners need not be present and animals should be in a calm environment with minimal distractions. All sessions are confidential and are not recorded.

Benefits of Reiki & Energy Healing

Assist in Pain management

Assist in Physical Injuries

Surgical Issues

Behavioral Issues

Emotional Issues

Anxiety and Stress

Transition Into New Home

Shelter/Rescue Pet Issues

Senior Issues

Loss of Companion Pet or Owner

Support of Pet Crossing Over

Animal Communication