Animal Reiki Attunement

Animal Reiki Attunement

Reiki is a gift from God and a powerful energy attunement. As a Reiki Master / Teacher I can attune your pet to Reiki allowing him access to the healing energy that is Life Force Energy. The Japanese word Rei means “the wisdom of God or Higher power” and the word Ki means life force energy; Therefore the meaning of Reiki is Spiritually guided Life Force Energy. Life Force Energy is the cosmic vibratory energy that sustains all life forms on earth. Animals understand and readily accept energy; They are intuitive by nature and do not have a limiting belief system. Animals benefit from Reiki attunement the same way that people do; Elevates our spiritual self, strengthens our connection to God or higher power, provides joy, peace and cultivates the belief and intention that I/you can heal and allow healing to take place on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. (Always remembering Free Will) Reiki attunement allows your pet’s access to Reiki energy healing so they may heal themselves, other animals, the earth and their human companions.

Animal Visionary- Reiki Attunements

Usui Tibetan Reiki Attunement: Two one hour sessions @ $00.00 Pets are attuned to all four levels of Reiki including the Master/Teacher level.

Usui Tibetan Reiki Attunements are telepathic and sent remotely. Owners need not be present and animals should be in a calm environment. All sessions are confidential and are not recorded.

As Channeled from “The Animal Collective Consciousness”; when I asked if they would like to be attuned to Reiki Energy Healing

We will seek and welcome this knowledge in giving more healing, wisdom and comfort to their existence. We know why we are here; we are in more contact with our spiritual self, even though, yes, victims of the same cruelties and advantages. We readily and easily accept our demise. We are here for you to rise up, to advance. We know for hence we go and to what awaits us. All Exaltation, All Beauty, All love, All Divine. We will help them accept their divinity on earth, to be more connected to this earth. If we could sit with this energy always, then we could assist all mankind and animals. Yes give us the tools to help you, to bring you comfort and peace. We are separate from you but we are also one. One in the Divine, One in soul, One in Love, One and Forever.

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