Animal Communication

Animal Communication

Dori is a gifted Animal Communicator and medium that connects with your pet on the earth plane and those in spirit to hear their voice and answer your questions and also on a deeper spiritual level she connects with their soul. Dori Channels your pet and has the unique ability to connect and talk to your pet’s soul and discover: Who your pet really is, their past lives with you and the reason why they are here with you now. Many pets that come into our lives are reincarnated souls that have been with us before in our lives and are part of our soul group. But, pets can also be Guides, Masters, Angelic’s or high energy beings that reincarnate on earth as pets to assist, support and teach.

Animal Visionary- Animal Communication

Your pet wants to be heard and acknowledged and they are excited to speak to you. All animals are sentient beings that have a beautiful soul, a voice of wisdom and a heart full of unconditional love.

Animal Communication allows your pets to express their needs, desires, opinions and emotions about diet, health, behaviors, situation’s and relationships. Dori will connect you with your pet through Animal Communication so you can heal, evolve, grow, love and experience joy together.

Dori has worked professionally as an animal communicator for over twenty years both in the USA and internationally helping people gain a closer, more spiritual connection with their companion pets. Animal Communication expands your awareness and connection to your pet enriching your relationship and enhancing the bond you share.

Dori will take several days to channel your pet via your heart connection, utilizing pictures and your questions. Dori will go into a deep meditative state connecting with your pet on the earth plane and connecting with your pets on a soul level. Once Dori channels the answers to your questions and completes the soul reading she will email you to schedule a session. You will also be able to ask any questions or clarification during the live reading/session.

Animal Communication sessions are telepathic and performed remotely. Companion pets need not be present but are fully aware of the session and are always available telepathically. Please schedule a time for your phone session in which you are in a calm environment with minimal distractions. Please have your questions and topics you want to discuss available. Please provide a clear recent photo of your pet on its own and one with its eyes showing. All sessions are confidential and are not recorded.


$75.00 for 30 Minutes

$95.00 for 45 minutes

$125.00 for 60 minutes

Benefits of Animal Communication

Discover your pets’ likes and dislikes.

Gain insight into their viewpoints, needs, desires and concerns.

Uncover clues about physical, emotional and behavior problems.

Better understand family dynamics between family members and pets.

Negotiate solutions to problems with your pets.

Explore your pet’s perspective on health issues and treatment.

Compassionate support for pets in transition.

Speak with a pet that has passed over (In spirit).

Explore a past life connection with your pet.

Find out who your pet is on a soul level.

Why is your pet here with you in this lifetime?

Form a deeper spiritual connection with your pets, both those living and those in spirit.

Animal Communication